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Mudanças de Regras

#1 Mensagem por michael_holandés » sábado mai 24, 2008 7:04 pm

Aqui nos EUA estão a mudar as regras.

Effective Immediately: the first fall of competitor, at obstacles, on the Cross-Country Course will result in Elimination.

1) EV141.1 (b) Cross-Country Scoring
b. Falls -
(1) First fall of competitor 65 penalties Elimination
(2) First fall of horse Mandatory retirement
(3) Second fall of competitor Elimination

Subsequent changes were made to the following Eventing Rules as a result of the change to EV141.1 (b):
EV138.9 Cross-Country Rules-Authorized Assistance
The change removes reference to assisting riders in remounting after a fall at obstacle.
EV142.3 (b) Cross-Country - Definition of Faults-Circles
The change removes reference to riders having sustained a fall as they will no longer be allowed to continue.
EV142.5 Cross-Country - Definition of Faults-Additional Attempts at Obstacles Composed of Several Elements.
The change removes reference to riders having sustained a fall as they will no longer be allowed to continue.

2) EV112.1 (a) & (b) Medical Requirements-Accidents Involving Competitors
a. In the event of an accident in which a competitor is apparently injured or concussed, they must be examined by designated medical personnel to determine if they may take part in another test, ride another horse or if they are capable of leaving the grounds. Refusal to be examined shall be penalized by a fine of $100 (Payable to the Organizing Committee) at the discretion of the Ground Jury. EC 5/19/08 Effective immediately

b. If such a fall occurs during the cross-country test, the time during which the competitor is held and examined shall be recorded and deducted from his total time if he is permitted to continue.

3) EV140.8 Cross-Country Obstacles

8.Obstacles constructed after December 1, 2008, for which approved frangible technology is appropriate, shall be constructed using this technology. Obstacles constructed prior to December 1, 2008 and for which the use of approved frangible technology is appropriate shall be retrofit using this technology prior to December 1, 2009. All open oxers at the Training level and above must be constructed using Approved Frangible technology. Information on the appropriate applications of Frangible Technology in cross-country fence construction is available in the USEA Cross-Country Obstacle Design Guidelines. Frangible Technology may be installed only by or under the supervision of Course Designers/course builders who have attended a USEA Seminar on Frangible fence construction.
EC 5/19/08 Effective immediately

The USEF and USEA are also currently in the process of developing the rules for a 'red card system' to penalize dangerous riding.

These rule changes reflect action items in a letter from USEF President David O'Connor and USEA President Kevin Baumgardner written on April 29, 2008. A copy of that letter can be viewed at: ... px?id=3054.

The USEF and the USEA are constantly committed to the safety and welfare of riders, horses and the sport of Eventing. Making the sport safer is a constantly evolving process. In the April 29th letter, the USEF and USEA also announced a joint Safety Summit to be held on June 7-8 in Lexington, KY.

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#2 Mensagem por Sofia e Sabre » sábado mai 24, 2008 10:42 pm

Já era tempo de mudarem as regras, de facto... andam a morrer cavalos e cavaleiros e ninguém faz nada?!


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