What is Level C ?? Dressage levels in Portugal

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What is Level C ?? Dressage levels in Portugal

#1 Mensagem por lykke » domingo jul 08, 2007 11:37 pm

I am not from Portugal .
I want to know:

What can a dressage "level C" horse do??
and what levels are there ? What can the horse do in the different levels ??

Is there a site that tell about this ??

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#2 Mensagem por AnaE » segunda jul 09, 2007 3:31 am


you can see that on the Dressage National Rules
http://www.fep.pt/media/pdf/RND%202007% ... Parte_.pdf ... but unfortunately is only in Portuguese, so I’ll try making a quick translation of what you can find on page 4 regarding the Level "C" or Complementary level!

Is the higher and most difficult level we have in the national dressage regulation. (I believe is just under the Prix. St. George level)

The horse should perform with high impulsion and equilibrium but also with great accuracy, concentration, and a steady and supple “on bit” contact.

Horse’s complete obedience in the movement concentration and extension must be shown in energetic but soft correct transitions, with clear transformation of the amplitude in elevation in downward transitions without changing the movement´s rhythm.

This level leads to International level competitions.

Trot Counter lead changes, flying changes and pre canter pirouette exercises may be asked.


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