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Programa Congresso Internacional da Associação Mundial dos Veterinários de Equinos 2006

Domingo, 22 de Janeiro
08:00 às 17:00 Wet-labs
1- Dentistry
Dacre Ian (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, New Zealand)
Chuit Pierre (1297, Founex, Switzerland)
Ouassat Mohamed (IAV Hassan II, Morocco)

2- Ultrasonography in equine practice (limbs, reproductive tract)
Tucker Russell (Washington State University, USA)
Tibary Ahmed (Washington State University, USA)
Sghiri Abdelmalek (IAV Hassan II, Morocco)

3- Nerve blocks / joint injections
Torre Fabio (Bologna, Italy)
Carter Kent (Texas A&M University, USA)
Ouhsine Ahmed (Private practitionner, Rabat, Morocco)
Alyakine Hassan (IAV Hassan II, Morocco)

19:00 às 21:00 Welcome Reception
Segunda-feira, 23 de Janeiro
08:30 às 09:00 Opening ceremony

Plenary session: Applied Equine genetics

09:00 às 10:00 Inaugural lecture: Equine molecular genetics - Update and perspectives
Guérin Gerard (Equine molecular genetics, INRA, France)

10:00 às 10:30 Break – Poster discussion

10:30 às 10:50 Screening genetic diseases of horses
Binns Matthew (Royal Veterinary College, London, UK)

10:50 às 11:10 Phylogenetic relationships between horses
Vega Pla Jose Luis (Laboratorio de Genética Molecular, Córdoba, Spain)

11:10 às 11:30 Molecular tests for coat color in horses.
Rieder Stefan (Swiss College of Agriculture, Switzerland)

11:30 às 11:50 Use of microsatellites markers in identification and parentage control of horses in Morocco during the Morocco during the period 2001-2004
Ouragh Lahoussine (IAV Hassan II, Morocco)

14:00 às 15:00 Schering-Plough Applied Equine Research Award and Lecture:
- Diagnostic Imaging -

Plenary session: Lameness (sponsored by CEVA Animal Health)

15:00 às 16:00 Proximal suspensory desmitis in the hindlimb
Dyson Sue (Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, UK)

16:00 às 16:30 Break – Poster discussion

15:00 às 16:00 Proximal suspensory desmitis in the hindlimb
Dyson Sue (Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, UK)

16:00 às 16:30 Break – Poster discussion

16:30 às 17:15 Diagnostic imaging of back and pelvic injuries in horses
Denoix Jean-Marie (National Veterinary School, Maisons-Alfort, France)

17:15 às 18:00 Lameness associated with dorsalgia and lombalgia in the horse.
Desbrosse Francis (St. Lambert, France)
Tera-feira, 24 de Janeiro
SIMPÓSIO 1: Infectious Diseases

Session 1:
08:30 às 09:00 Equine herpes virus and neurological disease
Couetil Laurent (Purdue University, USA)

09:00 às 09:15 Equine neuromotor syndrome in thoroughbreds and other breeds in Venezuela
- A multidisciplinary study -
*Bermúdez, V.; García, F.; DeVera, M.; Timoney, P.; Ortega, M.; Moreno, J.;
Pérez, N.

09:15 às 09:30 Examination of a VapA specific ELISA and quantitative bacteriological breath sampling in the diagnosis of Rhodococcus equi pneumonia
*Muscatello, G.; Phumoonno, T.; Heuzenroeder, M.W.; Barton ,M.D.; Gilkerson,
J.R. and Browning, G.F

09:30 às 09:45 Estimation of the prevalence of the severe combined immunodeficiency disease in Arabian horses in Morocco by using a DNA test
*Piro M., Ouragh L., Tligui N., El Kohen M. and El Allali K.

09:45 às 10:00 Production and immune response characterisation of S. equi enzymatic extract adsorbed to polycaprolactone microshperes
*Alpar H.O., Florindo H.F., Pandit S., Gonçalves L.M.D., Somavarapu S. and Almeida A.J.

10:00 às 10:30 Break – Poster discussion

10:30 às 11:00 Interpreting tracheal wash and bronchoalveolar lavage cytologies
Hodgson Jennifer (University of Sydney, Australia)

11:00 às 11:15 Air movement within jet stalls
Kettlewell, P.; *Leadon, D. and Ross, D.

11:15 às 11:45 “Strangles” – what is the latest information?
Hodgson Jennifer (University of Sydney, Australia)

11:45 às 12:00 Equine sarcoid tumours and bovine papillomaviruses sequence variants
*Nasir L, Chambers G, Ellsmore V, Reid SWJ, Gault E, Love S and MS Campo.

SIMPÓSIO 1: Infectious Diseases

Session 2: (sponsored by Merial)

14:00 às 14:30 Current epidemiology and evolution of Influenza A-equi 2 types
Daly Janet (Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, UK)

14:30 às 15:00 Latest outbreak of Equine Influenza in South Africa: Results of vaccination
Guthrie Alan (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

15:00 às 15:30 Challenging Influenza A-equi 2 types with recombinant vaccine
Toulemonde Caroline (Merial)

15:30 às 16:00 Current trends in the diagnosis of equine infectious diseases
Fortier Guillaume (Laboratoire Franck Duncombe, France)

16:00 às 16:30 Break – Poster discussion

16:30 às 16:45 West Nile equine encephalitis epizootics - the North American experience
*Cordes, R.T., Timoney, P.J., Ostlund, E,N

16:45 às 17:00 Spatial study of West Nile Virus infection in horses in Morocco (2003)
Leblond A., *Benredouane K, Benkirane A., Fassi Fihri O., Lhor Y., El Harrak
M. and Sabatier P.

17:00 às 17:15 West Nile outbreaks in southern France since 2000
*Zientara, S.; Labie, J.; Dauphin, G. Zeller, H. and Durand, B.

17:15 às 17:45 Results of vaccine protection against West Nile Virus
Minke Julius (Merial)


08:30 às 12:00 Panel session on Imaging
Moderator :
- Tucker Russell (Washington State University, USA
Panel members:
- Dyson Sue (Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, UK)
- Denoix Jean-Marie (National Veterinary School, Maisons-Alfort, France)
- Carter Kent (Texas A&M University, USA)

SIMPÓSIO 3: Lameness and orthopaedic surgery

Session 1:

14:00 às 14:30 Recent advances in treating fractures in horses.
Auer J.A (Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zürich, Switzerland)

14:30 às 15:00 Ultrasound aided orthopaedic surgery in the horse
Tnibar Aziz (Surgical Department, Charles River Ltd, Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland)

15:00 às 15:30 Ultrasonographic guided injections of joints in horses
Denoix Jean-Marie (National Veterinary School, Maisons-Alfort, France)

15:30 às 16:00 Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery in the Horse.
Auer J.A (Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zürich, Switzerland)

16:00 às 16:30 Break – Poster discussion

16:30 às 17:00 Arthroscopic treatment of septic synovitis and tenosynovitis
Valdés, Miguel (H. R. La equina, Manilva, Spain)

17:00 às 17:15 Immunohistochemical staining and rt-pcr to determine and compare presence and location of matrix metalloproteinases-2 and -9 in laminar tissue of clinically healthy and laminitic horses
*Stokes, A.M.; Wallace, E.; Paulsen, D.; Hosgood, G.; Eades, S.C.; Moore, R

17:15 às 17:30 Arthroscopic approach to the palmar recess of the distal interphalangeal joint through the digital flexor tendon sheath in horses
Ferreira, M.A.; Stopiglia, A.J.; Cruz, R.S.F.; Zoppa, A.L.V. and *Silva,

17:30 às 17:45 Evaluation of digital hemodynamics associated with bwe-induced equine laminitis using colored isotopic-labelled microspheres
*Stokes, A.M.; Savois, D.; Eades, S.C.; Keowen, M.; Moore, R.M

17:45 às 18:00 Effects of analgesia of the distal interphalangeal joint on experimental lameness induced by heel pain in horses
*Sardari, K. ; Mohri, M. and Kazemi, H.

20:00 às 24:00 Dinner and shows
Quarta-feira, 25 de Janeiro
SIMPÓSIO 3: Lameness and orthopaedic surgery

Session 2:

08:00 às 08:30 Miscellaneous foot conditions
Carter Kent (Texas A&M University, USA)

08:30 às 08:45 Treatment of upward fixation of the patella: an update.
Tnibar Aziz (Surgical Department, Charles River Ltd, Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland)

08:45 às 09:00 Retrospective evaluation of the “pull-through” technique for palmar digital neurectomy: 45 cases (1998-2004)
*Maher, O. and Davis D.M.

09:00 às 09:15 Treatment of tendon and ligament injuries with UBM powder
Mitchell, R.D.

09:15 às 09:30 Exostoses of the caudal aspect of the distal radius in six horses: effectiveness of ultrasonographic evaluation and endoscopic treatment
*Canonici, F. and Valbonetti, L.

09:30 às 09:45 Effects of topical nitro-glycerine and acepromazine on digital hemodynamics in healthy conscious horses
*Moore, R.M; Leise, B.S.; Gilhooly, M.H.; Fugler, L.A.; Eades, S.C. and Stokes, A.M.

09:45 às 10:00 Determination of tumor necrosis factor (TNFa) levels in the synovial fluid of metacarpophalangeal joints
Rasera, L; Massoco, C.O.; Foz Filho, R.P.P. and *Baccarin, R.Y.A.

10:00 às 10:30 Break – Poster discussion

10:30 às 10:45 Effects of an endothelin receptor antagonist on digital hemodynamics and starling forces in horses administered carbohydrate overload
Eades, S.C.; Stokes, A.M. and *Moore, R.M

10:45 às 11:00 Farrier services at veterinary teaching hospitals in the United States
*Kirker-Head, C.A; Krane, G.; McMurrough, M. and Savalonis, B.J.

11:00 às 11:15 Variations in the efficacy of radial shock wave therapy as a treatment for suspensory desmopathy in the horse: A retrospective study
*Quirion P.A and Davis, D.M

11:15 às 11:30 Treatment of angular limb deformities using radial extracorporeal shockwave therapy: a prospective clinical trial.
*Bathe, A.P.; Rowlands, D.S. and Boening, K.J

11:30 às 11:45 Effect of extra-corporeal shock wave energy on mineral apposition rate in healing equine third metacarpal bone
*Hubert, J.D.; Burba, D.J. Coutin, J.V. and Stover S.M

SIMPÓSIO 4: Disease surveillance and early warning

08:00 às 08:30 Emergency preparedness as applied to the globalization context.
Benkirane Abdelali (IAV Hassan II, Morocco)

08:30 às 09:00 The Moroccan experience in the management of African Horse Sickness (1987-1989)
*Benazzou H., Tabarani A., El Abrak A., (Livestock Directorate, Morocco)

09:00 às 09:30 Tracing African Horse Sickness outbreaks in South Africa
Gerdes GH (Dept. of Virology, OIE Reference Laboratory for AHS, South Africa)

09:30 às 10:00 Control and eradication of African Horse Sickness with vaccine
Sánchez-Vizcaíno JM. (Facultad de Veterinaria, Universidad Complutense, Madrid)

10:00 às 10:30 Break – Poster discussion

10:30 às 11:00 Global epidemiology of major equine infectious diseases: FAO perspective.
*Lubroth, J. and El Idrissi Hamzi A (FAO)

11:00 às 11:15 Monitoring of equine acute respiratory syndromes in France
*Dauphin, G., Bernadac M., Laugier C., Fortier G., Gicquel B., Tapprest J.,
Pitel PH., Saison A., Valon F. and Zientara S.

11:15 às 11:30 Strangles surveillance in Singapore
*Reynders, E.S. and Tan, D.Y

11:30 às 11:45 Seroprevalence of significant equine diseases in an unvaccinated population of native Thai ponies
*Carleton, C.L, Chunekamrai, S., Ostlund, E.N., Hennager, S., Knowles, D.P.
Timoney, J.F., Artiushin, S., Issel, C., Timoney, P.J., and Kramer,L

11:45 às 12:00 Development of a risk-screening questionnaire for diagnosis of recurrent airway obstruction
*Christley, R.M., Hotchkiss, J.W. and Reid, S.W.J

SIMPÓSIO 5: Reproduction and Neonatology (Sponsored by Intervet)

Session 1:

08:30 às 09:00 Pregnancy complications and evaluation for fetal well-being
Tibary Ahmed (Washington State University, USA)

09:00 às 09:30 Neonatal emergencies in the immediate postpartum period.
Hodgson David (University of Sydney, Australia)

09:30 às 10:00 A review of foal pneumonias with an assessment of the importance of R. equi.
Leadon Des (Irish Equine Centre, Ireland) and Mariann Klay (Switzerland)

10:00 às 10:30 Break – Poster discussion

10:30 às 11:00 Angular limb deformities in young foals
Torre Fabio (Bologna, Italy)

11:00 às 11:30 Foal diarrhoea
Hodgson Jennifer (University of Sydney, Australia)

11:30 às 12:00 Omphalophlebitis, patent urachus and other urinary tract problems in foals
Ragle Claude (Washington State University, USA)

Session 2:

14:00 às 14:30 Advances in artificial insemination.
Aurich Christine (Vienna Veterinary School, Austria)

14:30 às 14:45 The outcome of vaccinating pregnant mares with a commercial equine arteritis virus vaccine.
*Timoney, P., Fallon, L., McCollum, W., Shuck, K., Zhang, J. and Williams, N

14:45 às 15:00 Failure of passive immunity transfer in newborn foals
*Trailovi?, D.R; Uroševi?, M.; Trailovi? Ružica

15:00 às 15:15 Effects of the progesterone-releasing intravaginal devices (Pridoestrol®) used to control the estrous cycle on the vaginal mucosa, vaginal bacterial population, ovarian activity and levels of sex hormones of mares
Dusart P, Larrat M., Dardenne N., Deletang F and *Bruyas J-F

15:15 às 15:30 Abnormal estrus behaviour and estral cycle in mares: are they linked? A retrospective study of 100 cases
Martin, L.J.M; Loiseau, H and *Siliart, B.

15:30 às 15:45 Aspects of cellular composition and rate of growth of equine blastocysts
Moussa M., Duchamp G., Mermillod P, Tremolla J.L. Colenbrander B, Daels P.; and *Bruyas J-F

15:45 às 16:00 Correlation between follicular size and ovulation induction in Martina Franca jennies
Carluccio, A., Tosi, U., Contri, A., De Amicis, I., Faustini, M. and *Veronesi, M.C.

16:00 às 16:30 Break – Poster discussion

16:30 às 16:45 Leptospira-induced abortions in thoroughbred mares
Hall, D.C.; Donahue, J.M.; Smith, B.J. and *Dwyer, R.M.

16:45 às 17:00 Equine leptospiral abortion: a retrospective study monitoring clinical and pathological aspects and placentitis during pregnancy by using
*Bermúdez, V.; Naranjo, R.; Navarro, N. ; Torres, J.; Hernández, H.;
Moreno, J.and Quintero, B

17:00 às 17:15 Analgesic efficacy of local infiltration of lidocaine during castration in anesthetized horses
Galliou, M, Tainturier, D.and *Holopherne, D.

17:15 às 17:30 Treatment of penile prolapse and paraphimosis with a modified Bühner technique
Aurich, J.E. and *Aurich Christine.

SIMPÓSIO 6: Parasitic diseases

14:00 às 14:30 Anthelmintic resistance and control of roundworms
Dorchies Philipe (National Veterinary School, Toulouse, France)

14:30 às 14:45 Immunological approach using IgG (T) for detection of intestinal parasitism in horses
Piétrement, H. and *Benamou-Smith, A.

14:45 às 15:00 Equine cyathostomoses: clinical and therapeutic incidences
*Tamzali Y. and M. Birague

15:00 às 15:15 Study of parasitic gastro-intestinal lesions on horses at a Dakar slaughterhouse.
*Kane, Y.; Sy, I.; Kadja, M.; Gbati, O.B.; Bakou S.; Kaboret, Y. and Pangui,

15:15 às 15:30 A sero-epidemiological study of equine tapeworm, Anoplocephala Perfoliata in donkeys in Ethiopia.
*Getachew, M.; Innocent, G.; Trawford, A.; Feseha, G., Reid, S.J.W and Love,

15:30 às 15:45 Improved diagnostics for equine piroplasmosis surveillance and control programs
*Goff, W.L.; Rhalem, A.; Lasri, S.; Johnson, W.C.; Sahibi, H. and Knowles,

15:45 às 16:00 Contribution to the study of the digestive pathology and digestive parasitism in working equids in two regions in Tunisia
*Chabchoub A, Karen J, Landolsi F, Boulaabi H, Abrougui M A

16:00 às 16:30 Break – Poster discussion

16:30 às 17:00 Diagnostic and therapeutic approaches of equine dermatosis
Khallaayoune Khalid (IAV Hassan II, Morocco)

17:00 às 17:15 Presence of skin diseases in 31 horse studs in Northern Serbia)
*Uroševi?, M.;Trailovi?, R. D.; Radanov-Pelagi? Veselina and Uroševi? Ivana
Quinta-feira, 26 de Janeiro
SIMPÓSIO 7: Exercise physiology and the performance horse

Session 1:

08:30 às 09:00 Factors affecting lost training days in athletic horses
Hodgson David (University of Sydney, Australia)

09:00 às 09:30 The coughing horse
Couetil Laurent (Purdue University, USA)

09:30 às 09:45 Evaluation of stress in horses in training for participation in endurance events
*Islas, A.S; Merino, V.E., Mora, L.G..; Quezada, M.E.; Kraushaar, R.;
Alvarez J.

09:45 às 10:00 Sports activity after colic surgery: post-operative outcome of 100 procedures
*Launois, T; Heiles, PH; Desbrosse, F; Perrin, R; Rossignol, F. and
Scicluna, C.

10:00 às 10:30 Break

10:30 às 11:00 Surgical diseases of the respiratory tract as causes of poor performance
Fjeldborg Julie (KVL University, Denmark)

11:00 às 11:30 Problems seen in endurance races and cross-country competition
Hodgson David (University of Sydney, Australia)

11:30 às 11:45 Epidemiology of catastrophic racehorse injuries
*De Iuliis, P.; Galassi, G.; Selva, L.; Montana, M.; Garofano, P. and
Giovagnoli G.

Session 2:

14:00 às 14:30 Interpreting haematological and serum biochemical test results in equine athletes
Leadon Des (Irish Equine Center, Ireland)

14:30 às 14:45 Assessment of the performances of the steeplechase horse by the analysis of some biochemical parameters
*Marzak E.H.; Hamliri A., Ouragh L.and Dehhaoui M.

14:45 às 15:00 Changes of some haematochemical parameters in jumper horses during training and competition activity
Giudice, E.; Di Pietro, S.; Pugliese, M.and *Pugliese A.

15:00 às 15:30 Physiological measurements, endoscopy and broncho-alveolar lavage in a population of 90 french standard bred trotters during a standardized exercise test on the treadmill: poor performers vs control
*Couroucé-Malblanc A, Pronost S., Fortier G., Corde R. and Rossignol F

15:30 às 15:45 Daily rhythm at rest: temporal relationship of some physiological variable in jumper horse
Piccione G.; *DiMauro S.; Giannetto C; Grasso F. and Caola G.

15:45 às 16:00 Comparison between training and overtraining
*Padalino, B.; Rubino, G.; Petazzi, F. and Centoducati, P.

16:00 às 16:30 Break

16:30 às 16:45 Haematochemical parameters in saddle horses during a 7-days trekking
*Pugliese, A.; Di Pietro, S.; Bosco, V.R.F. and Giudice, E.

16:45 às 17:00 The effects of dietary n-3 enriched supplementation on plasmatic and erythrocyte membrane fatty acid composition of exercising horses
*Portier,K.; de Moffarts, B; Letellier, C; Fellmann N, Kirschvink, N;
Lekeux, P and Coudert, J

17:00 às 17:15 Effects of intravenous supplementation with vitamin e and selenium in clinic, hematic and serum parameters of endurance horses
*Etchichury, M.; Gobesso, A.A.O. and Titto, E.A.L.

SIMPÓSIO 8: Working equines

Session 1:

08:30 às 09:00 Peculiarities of reproduction in donkeys
Tibary Ahmed (Washington State University, USA)

09:00 às 09:30 Maintaining the health of working equines; a key factor in the support of rural communities in the developing world
Kay Gigi MA

09:30 às 09:45 A strategic approach to improving the health and welfare of working donkeys in Petra, Jordan
*Whay, H.R., Farajat, M., Twaissi, A.A.M. and Pritchard, J.C.

09:45 às 10:00 The influence of type of work on the health and behavior of working horses and donkeys
*Pritchard, J.C. and Whay, H.R.

10:00 às 10:30 Break

10:30 às 11:00 Wound healing - general considerations -
Greet Tim (Rossdale & Partners, UK)

11:00 às 11:30 Donkeys and mules as surgical patients: special considerations
Ragle Claude (Washington State University, USA)

11:30 às 11:45 Thyroid values in normal donkeys
*Matthews, N.S.; Taylor, T.S.; Taylor, E.V. and Barling, K.S

11:45 às 12:00 Fistulous withers: a major cause of morbidity and loss of use
amongst working equines in West Africa
Doumbia A.

SIMPÓSIO 8: Working equines

Session 2:

14:15 às 14:30 Characteristics of barb horse in west Algeria - First results -
*Rahal, K.; Abdelmoumen, M. and Nasri, K.

14:30 às 14:45 Bifid tongue and mandibular cleft in three mule foals
*Bouayad, H., Rifai, S., Kay, R.S, Knottenbelt, DC and Smith M.

14:45 às 15:00 Peculiarities of fertility in mules - A case report
*Kay Gigi, Ouragh, L.and Yang, F.

15:30 às 16:00 Behavioral response to imipramine / xylazine treatment in jackass
*Sghiri A., Tibary A. and El Idrissi R.

16:00 às 16:30 Break

16:30 às 16:45 How useful is tetanus antitoxin in the treatment of equidae with tetanus?
A comparison of three treatment protocols used in the management of 56 cases of equine tetanus presented to the SPANA clinics in Morocco in 2003/2004.
Kay Gigi

16:45 às 17:00 Morphological examination of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in horse
*Marinkovic, D., Aleksic-Kovacevic, S., Knezevic, M.,Trailovic, D. and
Plamenac, P.

17:00 às 17:15 Repeated synchronization treatments of draught mares with Regumate, Prosolvin and Chorulon result in high fertility following fixed time artificial insemination
*Driancourt, M.A.; Lhote, M.; Pelletier, G., Gaubert, P. and Clement, F.

17:15 às 17:30 Epidemiology of impaction colic in donkeys in the UK
*Pinchbeck, G.L.; Cox, R. and Proudman C.J.

17:30 às 17:45 Equine chemokine receptor cxcr3-a and its alternative splice variant: gene structure and expression in grey horse melanoma cells and metastases
*Brandt, S., Seltenhammer, M., Blamauer, K., and Niebauer, G.

SIMPÓSIO 9: Internal Medicine and Soft Tissue Surgery

Session 1:

08:00 às 08:30 Laparoscopic surgery for the reproductive tract.
Ragle Claude (Washington State University, USA)

08:30 às 09:00 Surgery of the male reproductive tract
Greet Tim (Rossdale & Partners, UK)

09:00 às 09:15 Retrospective evaluation of exploratory laparotomy of 340 horses with acute abdominal crisis
Amschl, J.; *Scherzer, S. and Niebauer, G.

09:15 às 09:30 Video-assisted thoracic esophageal surgery in a horse
Zoppa, A.L.V.; Cruz, R.S.F.; Leiria, P.A.T.; *Silva, L.C.L.C.

09:30 às 09:45 Polyneuritis Equi – a retrospective study of clinical and demographic factors
*Bertelsen, M.F.; Enemark, J.M.D. and Olsen, S.N.

09:45 às 10:00 Use of a scoring system to maintain a stable surgical depth of general anesthesia in horses under two different anesthetic protocols
Enderle, A.; *Levionnois, O.L. and Schatzmann, U.

10:00 às 10:30 Break

10:30 às 11:00 Does ventriculectomy-cordectomy improve the result of laryngoplasty?
Valdés Miguel (H. R. La Equina, Manilva, Spain)

11:00 às 11:15 Equine skin tumors study in morocco
*Bouayad, H; Tligui, N; Gadi, A and El Hamidi, M.

11:15 às 11:30 A Study of Dental Disease In The horse
Nuri Said Y. Wafa,

11:30 às 11:45 Panorama of equine geriatrics
Codron, E. and *Benamou-Smith, A.

11:45 às 12:00 A pictorial guide to the diagnosis of equine Glanders
*Wernery, U., Kinne, J., and Mortan, T.

Session 2:

14:00 às 14:30 Management of horses with acute renal failure
Couetil Laurent (Purdue University, USA)

14:30 às 15:00 Pleuropneumonia or travel sickness
Hodgson David (University of Sydney, Australia)

15:00 às 15:30 Equine Cushing's disease: Diagnosis and treatment
Couetil Laurent (Purdue University, USA)

15:30 às 15:45 Validation of a low-dose ACTH stimulation test in normal adult horses
*Stewart, A.J.; Behrend, E.N.; Kemppainen, R.J.; Wright J.C.; Martin,
L.G.;Busch, K.A.; Wohl, J. and Hanson, R.R.

15:45 às 16:00 Effects of lactated ringer’s infusion on the acid-base parameters and ion concentrations of the blood in operated colic horses
*Bakos, Z. and Langer, D.

16:00 às 16:30 Break

16:30 às 17:00 Colic surgery of the small and large intestine – Pre-operative considerations and techniques
Ragle Claude (Washington State University, USA)

17:00 às 17:15 Manual Decompression as an Alternative Treatment for Inflammatory Annular Bands of the Small Intestine
*Dillon, H., Schofield, W., Sadlier, M., Olmos, J.F.P., Leadon, D.P., and Fogarty, U.

17:15 às 17:30 Right dorsal colonic pathophysiology in horses administered phenylbutazone
McConnico, R.S., *Moore, R.M. and Hubert, J.D

17:30 às 17:45 effectiveness of transarterial coil embolization in horses with guttural pouch mycosis
*Lepage O. M. and Piccot-Crezollet C.


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